Friday, March 9, 2012

Inventing a Story

Where do you get your inspiration? You know, when do you do your "thinking," the imaginative first step that shakes an idea to the surface and lets it fly free? Here's mine:

Running, traveling, and that time right before I fall asleep: those tend to be the moments when my creativity is at its best. And since I'm craving a new writing project, I will be doing a lot more of this:

And praying for an unforgettable premise to call my fingers to the keyboard. (Maybe I'll get a little crazy and plan a vacation, too!)

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  1. I am certainly one for getting flashes of inspiration just before dropping off to sleep. I also find that the arts are a great source of inspiration. Do you ever find yourself staring at a painting or photograph and making up the story behind it? That said my most recent character cam from a lovely walk in the countryside and connecting with some local history, so I guess you can never really tell when inspiration will sneak up on you!

  2. I always have inspiration right before bed, I think it's because my mind is calming down. Usually when I try to gain ideas during the day, my mind is too frazzled so this works well!!

    Dreams also are such inspiration to me, when I can remember them that is :)

    Fantastic blog, good luck with writing!!!

    Here if you ever need guidance, etc.