Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What Are YOUR Favorite Children's Books?

Alright, so my first love may be YA romance, but children’s literature has a special place in my heart now that I have kids of my own. I’ve toyed with the idea of writing children’s books for a long time. Now I have a story idea I can’t stop thinking about (always a good sign!). I love that feeling. So, since I’m currently gathering thoughts on this children’s picture book I want to write, I thought it would fun to post about some favorite children’s books that inspire me. What are your favorite children's books? Leave a comment below!

Books From My Childhood

Charlie Needs a Cloak
This was one of my favorites as a kid (I still have the ratty old book as proof that my siblings and I used it well!). Now my four-year-old has the exact same, well-used Charlie Needs a Cloak on her shelf, and she loves it! Charlie is in desperate need of a new cloak as his sheep have nibbled at his current one for years. With a little work (okay, a lot) and some help from his sheep and the farm mouse (not!), Charlie makes a new cloak just in time for winter.

The Giving Tree
I’m sure this one comes as no big surprise. The Giving Tree frequents many best picture books lists. “Once there was a tree…and she loved a little boy.” This story holds such a sweet message of love, giving and what it takes to be truly happy. This is one I will read to my own children time and time again.

The Golly Sisters
Ah, The Golly Sisters. On the lighter side, The Golly Sisters is a great beginner chapter book for youngsters that will elicit a laugh. Two sisters, May-May and Rose, have quite the adventures as they journey west on a covered wagon, get lost, put on a show for dogs, and more. I can’t wait to read these to my own daughters.

Books My Kids Read Now

Tally’s Favorite as a Baby/Toddler: Caterpillar Spring – Butterfly Summer

My daughter loved this book so much as a baby that we made her first birthday cake in the shape of a sunflower (like on the last page of the book) complete with butterflies. Such a cute book!                  

Tally’s Favorite Now: Bear Wants More

Great pictures, fun rhyming text and a super cute story. "In his warm winter den...a bear wakes up very hungry and thin!" I enjoy this book so much, I wish I had written it! We also have Bear Feels Scared, and we love it. Can't wait to read the others in the series.

Savy’s Favorite: Gideon and Otto
Oh my goodness, my almost two-year-old daughter is the cutest thing to watch when reading this story. "Otto!" she cheers and throws her hands above her head. We love this book. Love!                                          

Other Favorites

Pajama Time
This book has a great bouncy rhyme to it that makes you want to do a little bedtime dance. Me and my kids (and my husband) often do! Shh, don't tell. Yes, we put on our own pj's and "march around the room in one big line." This is a great bedtime book for young kids (alright, and adults too).

What the Ladybug Heard

My daughter picked this up at the library, and we both love it! What a creative story with a catchy rhyme. These farm animals are anything but passive as they carry out a ladybug's plan to save the prize cow. My family is on night eight of reading this book as one of our bedtime stories; we might just be taking a trip to the store to buy this one for keeps!                  
What are your favorite children's books? Please comment. I'd love to know.


  1. Can't forget anything Mo Willems does - My Tabby LOVES those dang pigeon books!

    Plus, the classics i grew up on: "Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day", "Where the Wild Things Are", and "The Very Hungry Caterpillar."

    Love this!

    1. Hey Kaylynn! Yes, those are classics. My daughter and I just read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" a few weeks ago; it reminded me so much of when I was little! Thanks for the comment.

  2. My kids all love anything Pete the Cat and Pinkalicious.

  3. All of Dr. Seuss' books! I LOVE the Giving Tree. One book I loved was Ella Enchanted when I was in 6th grade. It made me truly love reading and writing.