Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Breathing Personality Into Your Home

Now that my blog is back from vacation, I'm starting a new series of posts on OLD BOOK PAGES. I got a little crazy a few weeks ago and ripped everything off a certain wall in my dining room, taped, painted, and now I'm on to personalizing this wall in my home with (of course) book pages! I'm excited to reveal a few of these crafts at a time, along with some basic instructions should  you care to join me in crafting with old book pages.

Old Book Page Matted  Picture Frame

1) You will need a matted frame (craft store), old book pages (I got this old book for a quarter at a library clearance on St. Simons Island), Mod Podge, scissors, and a paint brush.

 2) Remove mat from frame
 3) Cut pages in 1"x1" (or so) squares. I ripped mine to get a jagged edge. (Ripping pages from a book? I know, it feels wrong! But, being the devil that I am (ha!), I've gotten used to it, I guess.)
 4) Position page squares in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement so you get an idea for how it will look.
 5) Using Mod Podge and a craft brush, being gluing pages down flat onto frame, cutting excess off  as you go and fitting like a puzzle.

Craft one of ____, done! More to come.


  1. I soooo love this. I am on to sorting through my house at the moment and my pictures are next on my list (is it bad to admit I have lived in this house for nearly 8 years and still not gotten around to putting up family pictures). Think I will have to borrow this idea and my kids will love helping too :-)

    PS welcome back!

  2. What an interesting project. I used to have the energy to do fun stuff like this. Now I use every spare moment to write.

    Visit my blog. I've invited you to the Be Inspired Bloghop Mime.

  3. Thanks, Sleepy Joe! It's good to "be back." :) Happy crafting! Peggy, we missed you at ANWA! I'll visit your blog for sure.