Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer Reads

Ah, summer.

Between family vacations, camps and other summer craziness, I've read some great books. Here are a few of them, along with my thoughts, and a short list of the books I still have yet to read before summer is over! :(


Once again, Kristen White's voice shines in Supernaturally, her sequel to Paranormalcy. I really enjoyed reading about Evie again, her dilemmas, her adventures. Kristen has a way of grabbing you from page one and holding you in the story until the end! While I thought the plot could have been better and the story overall wasn't as engaging as Paranormalcy, I really enjoyed this book.

Queen in Exile

One of my new favorites! This book quickly stole my attention and would not let it go! Queen in Exile is a clean, adventurous novel for anyone who enjoys a good romance. And mmm mmm, Kai Darkwood is something hot and dreamy! Oh my, there was romantic tension. The characters were masterfully developed; I felt their pain and cheered them on every step of the way! Queen in Exile promises a captivating romantic journey with an intensely satisfying ending. I'm definitely reading more Donna Hatch books now. :)

The Help

I loved, LOVED The Help. If I could choose any characters in all of fiction to sit down for lunch with I'd choose Abilene and Minny! I love how they act, think, talk. So many parts were downright hilarious. This story grabbed me from the first chapter and didn't let go. I finished in a couple of days. I was so sucked in to the character's lives I almost felt like I was walking through Jackson Mississippi in the 1960's. Amazingly well-written with a lot of heart, The Help is a story everyone should read!

The One That I Want

Main character, Gemma Van Cleve, is a complex character who was fun to read about. I really enjoy Jennifer Echols' voice, her humor sprinkled throughout the novel. Still, I couldn't figure out how four individuals in their right mind could treat each other like such scum and still be "BFF's." Some things just didn't jive. Besides that and an overall weak central conflict, this story was a pretty good, quick read.

Crush Control

Once I started reading this book I just couldn't stop. About halfway through the novel I was dying-dying!-of laughter. The Facebook fan page Quinton starts? I was laughing out loud! Jennifer Jabaley has great character development, voice, dialogue. She spun a compelling story here with humor I wasn't expecting. After reading Crush Control, I think I'll check out her debut, Lipstick Apology.

The Cinderella Society

I thought the love story between Jess and Ryan was engaging, but the whole Cinderella Society thing just didn't feel real to me for some reason. This was a bit of a slow read for me. Still, The Cinderella Society was a fun book with a lot of girl power and a touching message.

Still to read this summer:

What did YOU read this summer? Any recommendations?

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  1. Those all look great! Good for you for getting so much reading in between the craziness! I SO want to read The Help. I saw the film but I still really want to get around to the book. Hope you liked them all! :D