Tuesday, April 30, 2013

SOS, What Shall I Read Next?

Read any amazing novels recently? Great, please share. I have read some great books in the past couple of weeks and need help choosing my next few to read this summer! 

What a fun, romantic read! Once I got several chapters into the novel, I couldn't put it down! The dialogue was rich, the first person POV perfect, the prose entertaining, the characters relatable. I particularly enjoyed Sir Philip. Reminded me of my husband (what a catch!).

While Edenbrooke is infused with romantic tension, it is clean enough for me to recommend to family and friends of any age. And I do recommend! I look forward to Julianne Donaldson's future novels.

This book made me even more grateful for life and good health! Definitely an emotional read, which I appreciate. The Fault in Our Stars highlights the beauty, unfairness, pain, suffering, and joy life can hold in store. This story hit home for me since my dad passed away from cancer when I was a teen.

As far as content and who I would recommend this novel to...this YA novel has a sex scene (while short and not descriptive) and a weighty premise. Although the two main teen characters don't necessarily act or talk like teenagers--they acted much older--I connected with their personalities and enjoyed reading about their journey.

Have you read anything recently that you LOVED? Here are a few on my to-read list. Which do you think I should read next?


  1. I have heard from my wife and a lot of other people that Reached was very good. She has enjoyed the whole series.

    If your looking for anything off your list there is this book I know of that is great -cough- -cough- lol.

  2. Checked out your book. Congrats! Sounds intriguing. Thanks for the suggestion and the comment :)

  3. I am reading Edenbrooke right now. Love it so far! :)

  4. We have very similar tastes! A YA contemporary that I loved was Skinny by Donna Cooner. It's a Cinderella story with an obese teen as Cinderella, and it was brilliant. Wonder by R.J. Palacio was also an awesome MG contemporary (with YA viewpoints) about a severely deformed boy who goes to public school for the first time. Too many books to recommend!

    1. Thanks for the suggestions! I'll have to check them out on Goodreads.