Saturday, May 11, 2013

Thoughts on Priorities

School your passions and then do what you're passionate about.

I love that motto! I like the idea of living life purposefully, contemplating worthwhile things to be passionate about and then spending time accordingly. Making it happen in life. And my friend Britney Gulbrandsen's recent Time Management Series blog post on daily tasks inspired me to think about my priorities today and share.
  • God
    • Prayers
    • Scripture Study
  • Family
    • Playing with, reading to, and teaching my kids
    • Hang out with Hot Husband (never can get enough!)
    • Family prayers, scriptures, F.H.E.
  • Church Calling
  • Other Things I Love:
    • Writing
    • Running (and Tennis and dancing and pretty much anything active and fun)
    • Reading
    • Staying connected with friends/family
    • Horseback Riding (that I really don't get enough of!)
    • Sleeping (sometimes I don't get enough of this either)
    • Learning new things
    • Feeling like I've really helped someone
    • Cleaning (okay, love might be a stretch here, but I do love having clean floors!)
I gave myself only five to ten minutes to punch all of this out because I wanted to see what came to my mind first. What comes to your mind first? Give yourself five minutes to jot down your priorities, the things you love most. Then evaluate. Thinking about my priorities adds purpose to and makes me grateful for life.

Check out Britney's blog:

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  1. glad you did this! I LOVE your list! I'm hoping to start that series up again this week!

    1. Thanks, Britney! I'm glad you'll be starting up again. I'll look forward to it!