Monday, June 10, 2013

Query Letters: What to Put in the Author Bio Paragraph

If query letters have ever given you nightmares, please raise your hand. A short intro to your book, a pitch and a brief bio about yourself. Easy peasy, right? Or perhaps not.

What to Put in the Bio Section of Your Query Letter:
How do you cram so much into such little space? And, an author bio? Eek. What should you say and what should you avoid so you don't sound like a goon? Well, I happened upon a great article by Chuck Sambuchino on that outlines what you should and should not mention in the "author bio" section of a query letter (that I want to save for later reference!).

Should I mention awards won?
Should I mention published short stories?
Should I mention series potential?

These and so many more questions answered here:
Link to What to Write in the "Bio" Section of Your Query Letter from Writer Unboxed

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  1. Thank you Lo - author bio is definitely a hard one, especially if you have no writing credits (e.g., for someone like me :-)

    1. Hey, E.D.! Author bio IS tough. Ek! Hang in there. Thanks for the comment!