Sunday, May 12, 2013

On Mother's Day

Motherhood means…

Spending every day with my best friends. Enjoying the
simple things. Drying tears and kissing ouchies better. Motherhood means
learning what life is all about. Realizing just how much
my mom did for me! It means having renewed excitement for the little holidays
as well as the big.
Hearing the cutest things each day (oh, what funny things they say!).
Getting songs like the My Little Pony and Elmo’s World theme songs stuck
in my head (when I find myself inadvertently singing them in the shower though...
I draw the line).

Motherhood means seeing the wind pick up outside, jumping up, grabbing the kite
and calling for the kids to hurry.
Knowing where every carousel within a 15-mile radius is. Have the Primary songs memorized
once again.
Twenty extra little toe nails to paint.
Motherhood means remembering what it was like to be a kid
and getting to be a kid (in a way) all over again. Playing games like Memory and
Candy Land. Sliding down slides. Reading picture books. Running through sprinklers. Taking detours
just to get a better glimpse of a hot air balloon in the sky. 

Motherhood means having
buddies to decorate for each holiday with. And being so loved, I get an occasional
2 am wake-up call from my two-year-old just to cuddle.
Being loved. Needed.
Learning even more.
Seeing the bigger picture.
Motherhood means so many things.

Motherhood means
the world to me.

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