Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Challenge #3, October Madness Write-a-Thon

At first, I wasn't sure how this challenge would pan out for me. For challenge #3 of Britney Gulbrandsen's October Madness Write-a-Thon, we were instructed to take the main character from our current work in progress, set a timer for five minutes, and write our character into a scene from the book we are currently reading. Okay, so I cheated a bit. I took a character from a book I just finished and worked him into the setting of MY novel. And I liked it! I learned a couple of things about my character. Check it out below. :)

Challenge #3:
“For your girlfriend?” I ask as I place the lid over the chocolates.
Pretty boy practically turns red. “No, for me.”
The dude walks into the bakery and orders a dozen chocolates. What am I supposed to think?
“Maybe they should be for her though,” he says.
Ah, he does have a girlfriend. Figures. The guy is hot, I’ll hand him that much. Not my type, but I’ll bet a lot of girls would faint if he showed on their doorstep with these chocolates.
“Should be?” I prod.
He offers a half grin and shrugs. “She likes someone else.”
“Oh,” I say and start ringing the chocolates up at the register. “But you like her a lot?”
“How much?”
By the way his eyes suddenly widen, I can tell he wasn’t expecting my boldness. Get used to it, buddy.
“A lot,” he finally admits.
“Then tell her.”
He looks a little blown away at this idea. The he suddenly becomes interested in the formica counter, staring at it like he’s actually considering my suggestion. “Just…tell her? Just like that?”
“No, idiot,” I say. “Kiss her.”
At first, he thinks I’m pulling his arm. He laughs out loud, not taking me seriously. And I am serious.
His laughing dies down when he can tell I’m not joking. Lest he thinks I’m an imbecile in these matters, I add, “Trust me, I know what I’m talking about.”
He nods, his smile growing. “All right,” he says.
I’m not sure what will come of him and his girl, but this customer is leaving a whole lot happier than he was when he came in. Mission accomplished.

My Tuesday Progress: 1500 words written in my new YA! Woohoo!


  1. I like it, Laura. And YAYYYYY for 1500 words! You go girl!

  2. That's awesome! It seemed to fit in very very well!!