Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fitness Products Giveaway Winners!

A few weeks ago my blog was part of a fitness products giveaway in conjunction with the release of Cami Checketts' novel, Dead Running. WE HAVE WINNERS HERE. Woohoo! Thanks to everyone who took part! Congrats!

Hugger Mugger Yoga Packages
Christine Jensen
Kelly Delrosso

MIO Global Active Watches
Vicki Newell
Kristi Peshke

Altra Zero Drop running shoes
Leslie Mackey

Online personal training from Fitcore Fitness
Charity Bradford
Fitness Apparel from Running Chics
Jennifer Ballard
Serena Debolt
Lebert Stretch Straps
Cathy Lunn
Allison Brooks-Juengeld
Carol Evans

iFrogz Earbuds or Armbands
Steven Richtsmeier
Yolanda Robinson
Seyma Bennett
Beth Talmage
Smithfield Recreation Center Membership
Jennie Kunz
Crossfit UAC
Haley Dahle

Autographed copy of Dead Running 
Lexie Hogan

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

LDStorymakers Conference 2012

I went to a writing conference! The LDStorymakers Conference was my first conference and it was very educational (and a blast). I met a lot of great authors. Some highlights from the conference:

Sparkling Creativity by Melanie Jacobson
The Hero's Journey by Annette Lyon
It Came From the Slugh by Holly Root
Agents! And AUthors! And Bears! Oh My!!! by Michelle Wolfson and Kiersten White
Amazing Dinner (yum!)
Mass Book Signing by LDS Authors (see pics below)
Keynote Address by Kevin J. Anderson
Creating an Awesome Author Website by Abel Keogh and Marion Jensen
Plotting by Kiersten White
Chemisty 101 by Michele Holmes
Agents and Editors Panels
Awesome Door Prizes (although I didn't win any. shucks.)

At least these were the classes and events I was able to attend. There were so many other classes that looked great. I wish I could have gone to them all. Thanks to the LDStorymakers Conference Committee for an awesome time!

My sister Kelly and I had a lot of fun attending classes together.

Author and sister and friend, Kelly Nelson, signing her novel The Keeper's Calling

Me, Kelly Nelson, and Linda Mulleneaux

Author and ANWA friend Betsy Love signing her novel Identity

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Book Review. Dead Running by Cami Checketts.

Dead Running is infused with inherent conflict. From page one I was hooked. Setting, tension, character: this book accomplished so much right from the get go.

Author Cami Checketts has a distinctive voice, and MC Cassidy Christensen is a character anyone can empathize with. And she has a huge sense of humor!

I wasn’t sure who Cassidy could trust. The way supporting characters conveniently drifted into scene had me wondering if they were all after her. She has plenty of people working against her including a Nasty Muscle Man, Beanpole Stalker, Hot Redhead, and even her own brother proves to be a pain. The heroes kept changing, from Damon to Jesse (seriously dreamy dude) and then back again.

I loved—loved!— reading about the races Cassie runs because I have run several of them. It was so fun to feel a part of the setting. The story took on more of a romantic tone as the story played out and it had a nice twist in the end. I think this is a light, fun read for anyone who enjoys clean suspense.

For more about Cami Checkett’s novel Dead Running, visit or Cami's blog (she's awesome).