Saturday, October 13, 2012

Old Book Pages Wreath

Okay, so sometimes I try to be crafty, and I love using old book pages as a subtle theme tying everything together because, hey, if you're obsessed with writing and books in general like me, why not? So I hope you enjoy my latest "old book pages craft."

1) Wrap your ribbon of choice around a vine wreath, hot gluing occasionally to keep in place.

2) Tear pages from an old book (a crime, I know!). I found some really old used books at a library sale. Tear the page into fourths (for average sized book pages). Using a pencil or your finger, wrap the square of book page up to form this:

3) Hot glue crinkled book page squares into place around the wreath in between the ribbon. Add a flower (cut the stem) for some color and detail.
 4) Done!



  1. Wow! Love it. That is so cute, and so perfect for your family of book lovers. :)

  2. Woo hoo!! Go, Laura!!! It turned out great!

  3. SUPER cute!
    Dumb question, where do I find an "old book??" All the books I have are NEW!

  4. It's so super cute!!! I wanna make one!